Thai Bodywork

Thai Yoga Bodywork is an absolutely amazing way to enjoy yoga,  this is a hands on yoga massage it is a full stretch while loosening joints and targeting pain relief and muscle relaxation.  In a 60 or 90 minute format this sessions is a treat for anyone.  Sessions are fully clothed on the floor and you simply relax the entire time!  Bliss out.

Sessions held in home, or in  East Falls


Saturday 11-12 AM

Sunday 1:30-5 PM

Please contact to Book


Private Yoga Classes

Private yoga asana classes are a great way to learn yoga the way it was meant to be learned, one on one.  These sessions are for those who are on the modern yoga path in the way of asana specifically,  the 60 minute sessions can be as low key or as high impact as you want to work your body into exactly how you want it to be.  While these asana sessions are focused on yoga asana they incorporate all of the yogic tools and principals.



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Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a tool which uses Yoga as a way of cognitive therapy which penetrates deep into the psyche with mental control and awareness using chackra system as a basis for discovery and asana and pranayama as the tools for healing these  75 minute sessions are for those who are struggling to find peace within and who need a physical component to their psychological healing.