Sati has been my yoga teacher for over a decade.  Sharing in her wisdom, spirituality and deep knowledge about yoga has become my weekly therapy.  Her inspirational guidance and detailed asana instruction is above any teacher I have ever experienced.  She is an extremely talented yoga instructor and I feel so grateful to have her as a teacher! -Beth Vogel 
Praise for Sati's Chair Yoga I have been practicing yoga for about 15 years now.  After an injury [not related to yoga] I had to stop for about a year.  When I could go back, I decided to try chair yoga.  Chair yoga is a delightful way to get back into shape.  It is relaxing and restorative with no pressure.  I am now able to do some postures that were not possible for me a few months ago.  I am a senior citizen and find Sati's manner of teaching respectful and caring.  She is very aware of the limitations of her older students and at no time makes them feel ill at ease.  This is very refreshing.  I have been to senior classes where we are referred to as "this population"!  I highly recommend chair yoga for anyone with limitations or anyone just wanting a relaxing 45 minutes with a superb teacher.  Eileen S
The hour that I spend each week in Sati's yoga class  is without a doubt one of my favorite hours.  Sati creates a space where I feel able to push myself physically while keeping myself centered mentally.  Sati has a graceful presence that (to steal one of her favorite phrases), truly emulates "love and light and peace". I would recommend her to anyone, regardless of experience level, with one caveat: her love of yoga is contagious, so proceed with caution! You might just find yourself hooked.-Meryl​ Paul
Sati Rose is not just a yoga teacher she is a spiritual guide. Often I have walked into her class with an unspoken need residing sometimes quietly and sometimes with much dis-ease in my heart and body. Magically, the practice that Sati’s chooses for that day holds, soothes, and nurtures my process. I leave class feeling gratitude for the blessing of having a sacred space to take care of myself with the loving, gentle, powerful shining light of Sati Rose.  Marilyn A. Johnson Psychotherapist, Artist
Love Sati!  I use to wonder why my bun wouldn't relax in the simplest of poses -- child's pose, for instance.  My bun sat so high, my thighs were tight perhaps from years of running and jumping.  When I took my fist yoga class with Sati, I went in one way and came out another.  I began to wonder if the resistance in the body may have a bit to do with resistance in the mind.  If a journey through grief and profound loss was supporting the stiffness in my hips, thighs and bun.  Each time on the mat, I began to feel a greater expression of joy in the journey and it became very clear what I needed to do to heal a broken spirit.  It was that way day one and I feel every time I am in the presence of Sati Rose, the running and jumping are still.  Sati shows up with so much integrity and love for who she is and what she does on and off the mat for her students. I AM grateful.

Gail Ramsey, Writer and Publicist
"I have known and worked one-on-one and in a class setting with Sati for the past 10 years.  During that time, she has helped me achieve significant spiritual and psychological breakthroughs, some related to letting go of past emotional scars (through breath work/rebirthing), and others related to living more fully in the present (through kundalini yoga, which, for example, awakened a desire in me to sing)!  Sati is a very kind and empathic teacher and uses her broad spiritual and psychological knowledge base to tailor her sessions superbly to the specific needs of the student. In addition, I saw great improvement in my lower back issues after doing just one Thai therapy session with Sati.  I highly recommend Sati for all the modalities she works in.  My engineering work has taken me away from the Philadelphia area for the past couple of years but I look forward to hopefully working with Sati again when I return." - Mark, Blue Bell, PA Sati is one of the most inspiring Yoga teachers I have known. She has been an amazing platform for transformational change in my life. Every class with her is right on the spot, always exactly what I need to hear/focus that day, as if each class was tailored especially for my needs. The most amazing thing is that the other class participants feel exactly the same. Sati guides you through a most loving and sacred yoga practice.  Every class she invites you to explore your physical body while encouraging spiritual exploration and allowing the unfolding of your own truths to come naturally under her loving guidance. Sati inspires individual growth in a magnificent way. She provides specific, insightful instructions in both her classes and workshops, guiding you to your healthiest, most enlightened place.  When I started taking classes with her at AFC, I was told she has a whole tribe following her and when I met her for the first time, over a year ago, I knew exactly why. Her skills as a leader of the Yoga community are apparent through the following of students she has and continues to produce. She is a gift. I feel so blessed to have her in my life. I am so grateful for you Sati! Love you always! -Ofrit Barash
Ihave been taking Sati's Saturday morning Kundalini yoga class at Yoga on Main now for a couple of years. As an experienced Kundalini practitioner and teacher, I was hoping to find a solid Kundalini practice when I moved from Massachusetts to Philadelphia. As a teacher, I can always learn  from other teachers; but mainly I simply enjoy being a student. I was happy to find that Sati is a teacher who embraces the principles of Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Her grace in teaching and mastery of the technology have made that Saturday morning class a haven for me, one that I look forward to each week. -Annie Ananada Archambault
​Sati has been performing Thai bodywork therapy on me since 2012.  I work a desk job and have dealt with neck, back, shoulder and hip pain/inflammation for many years, with occasional bouts of back spasms.  I am very grateful to have found Thai bodywork and Sati.  She is very positive, patient and encouraging as we work through - and I let go of - my hot spots and trouble areas during each session.  I treat that time as my sanctuary from the world, my time of healing and beginning anew.  She helps me attain a profound sense of calm, clarity, healing, and peace. I cannot recommend Sati and Thai bodywork highly enough.
-Art Wawernia





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