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weekly ONGOING PUBLIC class schedule

Valentines day 

couples yoga 

With Sati Rose & Christopher Coan 

Focus Fitness Main Line


In this nurturing two hour class we will explore yoga with a partner.  Sharing in a deep and loving experience of heartfelt intention we will explore eye gazing, breathing as one, and also meditation.  The main practice will consst of specific yoga postures, sharing using each others bodies to deepen and enhance the experience and offer and even more satiating experience of yoga, as a couple.

Chakra Training

Chakra Training for Teachers and Students

“The body is the vehicle, consciousness the driver.  Yoga is the royal road, and the chakras are the map.” ~ Anodea Judith

This two hour workshop is a class to deepen your knowledge of the yogic system called the Chakras.  The energetic system which  carries the body is a profound tool which when used efficiently can lead to a great wealth of healing both physically and mentally.  Learn how to do basic chakra diagnosis, how to apply chakras for healing of imbalances, and how to understand and apply chakras to the sequencing of yoga classes and home practices.  This information 'unlocks' a wealth of yogic information which will sharpen your edge as a teacher, make you an excellent private instructor, and help you have tools for your own yogic healing.  

MOnthly Breath Intensive

Hosted at Mellow Massage Therapy Center


Awareness Breathwork, which has its roots in Kundalini Yoga and Rebirthing is a rich modality of modern day healing which involves using an ancient breathing techniques and circular breath to unlock stored emotional blocks in the body, facilitating deep stress relief, emotional balance, and greater self- awareness! It really works! With processing, sharing, and meditation we prepare to enter a state of healing and wholeness facilitated by you and your breath, and guided by Sati Rose, who Breathworker Yoga Teacher.You simply need a pillow, yoga mat, blanket (or two) and your desire to find healthy change in your body, mind, and spirit. Please arrive as promptly as possible and prepare for loving self care upon arrival home.