Gracefull Movement has formerly been known as Rose Blossom Healing Arts, has changed its name legally and is now All Rights Reserved as Gracefull Movement

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Gracefull Movement

Gracefull Movement is just that, a movement towards Grace, it may be a personal step that one is taking towards a more Grace filled life, or the more conscious and deliberate idea of society moving towards a Grace centered consciousness.  Unfortunately being 'spiritual' has become synonymous with being deeply confused about ones life and existence.  The millions of different paths to awakening can leave the average person's head spinning.  Throughout time, tradition and personal Faith have always provided a firm foundation for people to stand upon.  Our belief is that tradition is necessary for any type of faith, and that without scripture and true spiritual discernment, there can hardly be any type of personal accountability for ones own actions.  Without a basis and stable tradition for a person to call upon people become lost in the sea of mental and physical illness.  The basis of all faith is discipline and practice.  Scripture is only helpful if it is put into practice.  We must be doers and not only hearers of the word or even self-help is a waste of time if one cannot put the activities and techniques one learns into practice. Living a Godly lifestyle seems daunting but it is possible with self love and personal acceptance of your flaws.  Nobody is perfect but that does not mean we should not try to be the very best we can.  Gracefull Movement is about bringing a firm foundation of Grace into the daily life, and beginning to find ones footing in the steps that they need to take to climb out of the situations that they may be in that are making them anxious, depressed, or lost.  A daily practice firm in some sort of tradition can allow a person to gather strength to make proper decisions.  Gracefull Movement is not a tradition, it is a movement to reclaim your own tradition in spirit, your health,  your prayer life, your personal relationship with God and ultimately, your personal well being.   You are a spirit in a body not a body with a spirit, this garment is the main temple where this spirit resides, and this vehicle is priceless, maybe its time to begin caring for it?  Move now! 


Jolene Marie Matthews is the founder and creator of Gracefull Movement and Sati Rose Yoga. She is a skilled and caring professional healer. Her main schooling is in Cognitive Psychology and Religion with Saint Joseph's University and her work background is in corporate leadership and sales.  Her skill in healing and movement has its foundation in over twenty years of study, practice, and teaching.  She carries multiple certifications in a variety of traditions and pulls upon a deep wealth of knowledge weaving together a very unique and very specific style of spiritual based healing work to bring her clients towards their personal truths.  She believes in living a Godly spiritual and devotional lifestyle with a proper diet,a prayer and meditation practice and an ecological and conscious approach to daily existence with God and your spirit as your basic foundation.

Her main certifications in movement arts are with Inner Fire Yoga founded by David Newman 2001 and Kundalini Yoga Founded my Yoga Bhajan and taught by Sada Sat Kaur & Singh 2003.

Her other certifications and references are available upon request. 

 Jolene Marie Matthews

 Weekly Public Classes in Gracefull Movement are   currently as follows:

 Wednesday 10:00-1:00  In your Seat        Mellow Yoga

 Wednesday 5:45-6:45   Gently Flowing   Fit Life Fitness
 Friday 5:30-6:30          Restorative          Fit Life Fitness
 Saturday 9:00-10:30     Kundalini             Yoga on Main
 Saturday 11:00-12:00   Thai Bodywork      Mellow Yoga ​
 Sunday   9:00-10:30     Int.Flowing           Fit Life Fitness​
 Sunday 12-5:               Thai Bodywork      Mellow Yoga