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Find Balance

Thai Massage

Located at Mellow Massage and Yoga, or in home get yoga in a massage format, a place to truly relax and indulge

Yoga is not exercise, it is actually a science and psychological system for deeper healing.  We need to heal the physical body, but also the mind and even the spirit and psycho-electromagnetic field.  All of these can be healed with proper Yoga instruction, over time.

Therapeutic Yoga

Bring yogic practices into your daily life.

Let Sati Rose help grow your yoga practice!

From beginner to advanced, Sati has a practice which can help you to heal your inner temple, the dwelling where you spend 100% of your time is a place that you want to be truly at home.  Let Yoga make that temple a place where you can feel personally sacred and at peace.  Yoga can help.

Yoga Therapy

In your own home or in a studio close to you work much deeper than just the mind, bring your nervous system back to balance.

Asana Training

Asana training for those who seek the more physical side of Yoga.  Perfect your practice, or create one at home.

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